You know what I really hate about the horse world? Other then the judgement, and how you have to have the ‘looks’ and the money. But the fact that if its a mare people will automatically assume the mare is rude, and worthless specially in high levels in riding. You might see a few mares jumping in higher class, but most are males. Then, they sit there and say mares are only good for breeding. Its not just female humans who get this, but also animals.




I just discovered another one of my pet peeves.
I can NOT stand people who can’t sit a canter and just end up bouncing all over the place. It irritates the fuck outta me!

Speaking of pet peeves, I recently discovered that I hate when people mount a horse like a sack of potatoes
-_- it’s like they put one foot in the stirrup and BOOM they slam their ass into the horses’ back! Like wtf are you doing?!